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Here are a couple of Tara's secrets...

Secret # 6

Consultants know that nobody likes being sold to. They don’t focus on closing the sale. Consultants strive to create an atmosphere of partnership with the client so they can collaboratively solve the client’s problem.

Secret # 30

When proposing solutions to your client, it’s not about how much information you give them. It is about giving the kind of information which will help the client make an informed buying decision.


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"51 Secrets of Success for the
Travel Consultant"

Techniques to Help Change the Perception
of Travel Professionals One Traveler at a Time!

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"Tara Gupta has hit the "sweet spot" for professional Travel Consultants.  Our future is, literally, tied to adding value to the travel purchase experience; otherwise, the consumer and the supplier can consummate "the deal" without you! Today's successful travel professionals MUST immediately and consistently implement at least several of these practices and suggestions to set themselves apart from the vast majority of "Travel Agents" who continue to do things the "same old way".  Order taking is the recipe for guaranteed failure in today’s travel marketplace. This book shows you how to be a "guide and trusted advisor” to your client, so you can provide them with a much-needed benefit while ensuring your own success.  Great success ! .................. This book is a quick-read that should be on every travel professional's desk for frequent reference!”

Jack E. Mannix, CTC - President  & CEO, Ensemble Travel

"Even for the most seasoned Travel Consultant, this book serves as our new cheat-sheet for thriving in today’s travel marketplace. It is a guide and reminder of the importance of client focused consulting techniques in a Travel Consultant.  I'm going to use the "secrets" Tara shares in this book as my guide to remind myself of what I am doing or not doing in my daily client interactions.  Tara's book is a must-have for all travel professionals! 

Guisselle Nunez, CTA - Principal
Mundi Travel, American Express Travel Representative, San Jose, CA

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