Worldwide Cruise Lines - Product Knowledge – A Critical Sales Tool

What sets the truly great sales people apart from the rest? Quite simply, it is the ability to articulate your knowledge, your expertise and your passion for your product/service. A strong foundation of Product Knowledge is the key to your success in the Travel Industry where several Cruise Lines have similar itineraries, on-board amenities, Shore excursions, pricing and promotions! What’s the catch? What’s the difference? Which is better suited for your client? Should you just go with the least expensive? No, wait, perhaps go with the most expensive?

This course introduces you to several well known and established Cruise Lines of the world that are most popular for travelers of the Bay Area. Through lectures, classroom discussion, online research and individual and team practical assignments you will be able to:

Note: No program is exactly the same, since the makeup and needs of the participants change. The program will be designed to accomplish your goals and the results you require.