Selling Skills for a Travel Professional
You’ve been selling ever since you were born. Now you sell Travel for a living! You sell yourself every day – you sell your ideas, your expertise, your company, your intangible product and services. You sell Face to Face, Voice to Voice or electronically. But what makes you stand out from the others? Why should a client buy from you and not from your competition? Why should a client buy from you and not online?

This highly interactive program is designed to teach you techniques which will help you:

• Build the foundation for Selling Travel via any channel (F2F, V2V or electronically)
• Explain how Selling Travel is different from selling other products & services
• Continuously align your sales skills in a constantly changing environment
• Discuss Client’s motivation for buying Travel Products
• Present options so the Client can’t say no!
• Help the Client Make a Buying Decision
• Close the Sale
• Build a Client for Life
• Create client loyalty, referrals and testimonials
• Develop your book of Business
• Be efficient and profitable while sharing your passion of Travel!